Monday, January 10, 2011

Magnifique Workshop #1

Before I go any further, let me make a plug for the Wings workshop kit. Even though my workshop may be full, this kit is SO worth it and you can make several different things without any help from me! All of the workshops include a main double layout, a suggestion for a 2nd layout and a card set to choose from, but the wings workshop also includes a great banner pattern to create with the leftovers after you make the main workshop pages. It is an AWESOME kit! You can see a flyer for it HERE.
My workshop was full yesterday and we had a great, creative time! This one was actually the December workshop, but since the end of December was so busy, we kicked it into the first part of January. I have a workshop at the end of January, too. It MAY have 1 seat open, so if you're interested in it, give me a call.

The layout shown in this post is the one that was explained in the brochure that came with the Magnifique kit. The kit is still available for the month of January, but come February when the new Idea Book goes live, this kit will be gone.

The beauty of these kits is that they come with an original double layout design and full-color instructions to recreate it. They also come with embellishments and a stamp set made especially for the kit. The Magnifique set comes with a floral designed stamp set and the Shades of Chocolate Mini-medley embellishment set. We no longer sell the embellishment set, and the stamp set can't be purchased separately. Add to that the fact that you get the set at a discounted price from what it would be if you COULD buy it all separately and it is a great deal at $29.95 plus shipping and tax. Another prize is that I show all the layouts that I include with my workshop, so even if you miss it, you can recreate it all on your own.

All this is to say, you need to order the kit now or lose the chance. However, the paper pack will still be available through July.

The embellishments on this particular layout were so much fun to make and so easy! All of them are laid out step-by-step in the brochure that comes with the workshop kit, but basically I stamped the flower images in Pacifica ink in full strength (1st generation stamping) and also in 2nd generation stamping (stamping a second time, after some of the ink has been removed on scratch paper). With this technique, I also interspersed paper flowers, brads and "Biggie" brads (all part of this kit) along with dots of various colors. The effect was fanciful!

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