Friday, January 7, 2011

Studio J - Free Spirit

This was one of the first layouts I made with Studio J. I was just fooling around. (Did you know you could try it without paying a dime? Try it now at my website: marji.myctmh.com)

I was showing it to a customer and then I liked the way it ended up so much that I just had to go ahead and get the printouts.

This layout really shows a awesome detail in the program. See the title isn't a Stickease, it's just a title. I could choose the size, font, and color of it. I can also choose the background color, if I'd rather have a vellum background, like I did with the journaling (and it perfectly "sticks" without showing any adhesive marks at all like the real vellum does!) or, like I did here, with no background at all. I could even lay it over a picture if I choose. I wince when I think of how difficult it would've been to stick down those tiny letters of the "the" if I'd cut them out with a Cricut! Yikes! But here, no tiny letters, but perfect lettering every time!

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