Friday, January 28, 2011

Mistletoe Workshop Layout #4

I'm pretty musically oriented, so I LOVE this paper and I wanted to make sure that plenty of it would be seen so I chose a layout with a lot of the base page open. This one is called "Mesmerize" and it is only page 34 of Magic, Although I changed it just a bit - go figure??? Really it was a tiny change. The 3 x 5 piece of green print B&T was really smaller in the pattern to make way for a 2 1/2 x 3 picture, but I thought I might put a 4 x 6 across the "crack." That is, I'll cut the picture (in a non-essential place) and divide it between the two pages with the musical matting around it. I didn't really want a picture to be part of the boundary for the matting, so I lengthened the green print to complete the edge.

I decorated this with just a few accents, a couple of stamped, cut out images and 2 poinsettia brads with a pewter brad seemed all that was needed. I'll probably move the ornaments to the bottom corner and use that center stripe for the titling of this page.
This layout can hold a TON of photos! I'm thinking: one in the candy-stripe mat, another small one below it, a 2 1/2 x 3 inch pic on the right side under the green print in the corner and two more of the same size or a 3 x 5 tall one next to it. A 4 x 5 in the blank spot next to that and another one in the bottom right blank spot. Add the divided 4 x 6 in the middle, and that accommodates 7-9 photos easily! I wonder if I have enough pics of my kids caroling???

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