Friday, January 30, 2009

Layouts from Rhonda

Rhonda is just a proud grandma, and she got a LOT of pictures (13!) on this double layout for her daughter's baby shower.
Pages like this really focus on the pictures instead of the theme, but even with such full pages, there is still room for some incredibly cute accents! (Catch the pony on the bottom right corner!) I also love the way Rhonda tied the colors together, using two different base colors, but connecting them with accents that match the bases.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Layouts from Christy

These simple layouts were perfect for Christy when she was scrap-booking for a family event. She had a LOT of pictures and was able to get 11 of them on these pages. I love the lattice that is evident in all the pictures! It acts like a matte for the pictures and gives a unique connection between them all.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ornaments - these can be used for all kinds of tags!

These are elegant and so simple to put together. Thanks KEVIN, for sharing them with us!
To create this, punch 20 identical circles using matching design paper mounted on cardstock (to get the desired thickness), and coordinating cardstock. For each circle, you will fold up 3 sides until they meet at the point, creating a little triangle in the center.
Once they all have their little tabs, you can begin attaching them. Five go together to create the top and another 5 make the bottom. On both of these sections, the points will go together and the side tabs are the ones that are attached. The middle section is made up of 10 circle/triangles. Half of them are sitting on bases and the other half are sitting on points (as shown in the picture). Again, the side tabs are the ones attached, but alternate the triangles with every other one pointed up and the others pointed down to make a full ring.
You can attach the middle ring to the top one by adhering the top 5 bases of the middle ring to the unattached bases (5 of them) of the top section. Then do the same to attach the bottom section to the rest of the ornament.
I suggest using a firm glue for this project - ideally, use Liquid Glass! The items that have been tried that DON'T work include Tombow Adhesive, hot glue gun, CM tape runner, and Elmer's glue. Alene's Sticky Glue might work, but the Liquid Glass from CTMH definitely does!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Layouts from Kym - Thanks!

This cute layout is contributed by a distressing queen. (She's a natural with embellishments, too; so much to learn - so little time!)
Did you catch how she burned the edges of her paper. The same type of effect can be achieved without the use of fire, btw. You have to use solid core cardstock (not white-core) and you can tear the edges then ink them with an ink that is a chocolate or a cocoa. Oh and the boot is from the "Way Out West" CTMH stamp set. She gave it some bling with Stickles.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Layouts from Lisa - THANKS!

The layouts for the next couple of weeks are from real people, they aren't artists or professionals, just gals who have a passion for their families and their scrap-books. If you use some of their ideas, please take a pic and send it in! I'd love to see your take on these designs!
Many of the layouts that were made at the retreat didn't actually use CTMH paper, although most of them used CTMH techniques and, as in this case, our wonderful scrap-booking program books. For this one, Lisa had made the layout on the right hand side and wanted to find one to go with it. She found the left had page in the Reflections book and it worked perfectly with the first page. I particularly like the way the colors work together so well, and of course Lisa's sweet baby is stinkin' cute!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Retreat Pictures

Just finished spending the weekend with an incredible group of talented ladies. The creativity was just oozing and I especially loved the way people were willing to share ideas and help each other out.

For the next several weeks, this blog will be inundated with layouts that were shared from the weekend. Some of them are CTMH layouts, some of them use CTMH products, some do both, some do neither. ALL of them served a particular purpose in the album of the creator and may end up being just what you need as you are working on your album!

My next retreat is in May. If you are interested in joining us, there are seats available at this point, but don't wait. Contact me right away!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Notebook Calendar

Okay, I spotted this in a paper crafting magazine and just had to try it! It took some time, but it ended up being fairly easy! First, I purchased an 80-page notebook that measured about 5 x 7. I taped together each 6 pages until I had 12 sections before I did any stamping or cutting.

Next, I did all the background stamping. I made a point to measure where each of the large stars were on the pages so I could put them in the same place on each sheet. That way, when I flipped the months, for instance, the large star would continue to line up even if it was in a different color. (BTW, I used Breeze, Ocean, Creme Brulee', and Sorbet ink for the background.)

After I stamped all the backgrounds (12 sheets), I cut the sections. On mine, I cut the two left sections at 1 1/2 inches wide and the two right sections at 2 inches wide. I had originally intended for the day and month to be on the left, but when I drew my cutting lines on the back of the pad, I inverted the measurements. (Ooops!)

Finally, I stamped the first section with a 1, a 2, and a 3, and left one other section blank. I tore out the remaining sections and extra pages. In the second section, I stamped 1-0 and tore out the remaining 2 sections and the extra pages. In the third sections, there were no extra sections, but I removed the extra pages and stamped the sections with the month names. In the last section, I stamped the abbreviations of the days and tore out the last 5 sections and extra papers.

I stapled a 1 x 4 inch strip to both covers of the notebook while it was inverted so it wouldn't accidentally flatten out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

"That's Amore'" Acrylic Album and Valentines

I'm holding a workshop for the hot Acrylic Albums by Close to My Heart!

This workshops uses the elegant new CTMH paper pack called "That's Amore'," along with the matching stickease, and the "Love Story" Rub-ons.

The workshop will be held on February 8 beginning at 5PM and
we'll also include 10 Valentines to use up the rest of the paper pack and stickease.

This workshop is $45 plus tax and shipping and pre-payment is due on January 23rd.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monogram Embellishment

I started with the Dimensional Element Monogram M and cut out the a square around one of the letters. First, I inked up the chipboard top. Then, I adhered the negative image to my design paper and then I filled the empty space where the letter had been with a light coating of Liquid Glass. It takes a couple of hours to allow the Liquid Glass to dry, but it makes a great embellishment went it is through.

This paper is from the new Key to My Heart paper pack exclusively available this month (January 09). It is sold with a GIANT stamp set offering beautiful coordinating designs. You can view the whole set and even order it by clicking the link at the pictures.