Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy - Busy - Busy!

This week, I've been working hard on my upcoming workshops. I hope to post the "Grace" Workshop on the Go tomorrow. I'm so please with this workshop! And I have a great group of talented, creative ladies coming to voyage through these great layouts with me!

The way I'm doing the Workshop on the Go, (and you can see the kits at my Close To My Heart website at the Workshop on the Go link) is a little different. I'll be teaching 2 to 3 double layouts that I've adapted from either Cherish or Imaging. Then, the ladies can take home the full-color instructions and make the final layout (or the set of cards) on their own.

I think one of the best things about these kits is the exclusive stamp sets! They were created especially for the workshops and aren't available any other way. It also makes it SO much easier at a workshop when everyone has their own stamp set to work with. No one has to wait! I LOVE that. (Really hate to waste anyone's time!)

So stay tuned (or come back soon) to see the way these turned out!

Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Things

Okay, the name of this layout in Imagine does say something about 10 things, but I only used 8. It's an easy layout to pull off and perfect when you have a collection of pictures that don't really go together.

In my layout, I took some of my favorite pictures of my son during his senior year as one of the final pages in his album for graduation. This ended up being a mix of those favs and a couple of others where I didn't have enough of one even to make a whole layout with it.

Such was the case with the picture of the group at the bottom of the left page. That was an even when the seniors from our coop went to "Orphan Soles," a charity group that distributes free shoes to needy people. The group spent the day sorting and organizing the shoes by size and type, and boxing and shipping them. They had a great time, but I only got a handful of pictures and only 1 with my son in it. The same thing happened at his football banquet, but I just couldn't pass up getting some pictures with his coach into his book.

Last, but not least, were the 2 pics I took of him before his Hillbilly night party at youth group! What a hoot!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Titling Technique

Dimensional Elements have become my favorite embellishment. (Remember, I'm embellishment-challenged!) These are SO easy to use and make quite a statement!

I colored all of these with ink, but in different ways. The flat frames for the S and the A, I inked directly from the stamp pad, swirling it on in a circular motion. It took on some of the texture from the chipboard, making a neat pattern. For the N and S, I used reinker in a little Ceramicoat. This created an even, smooth look to the letter and made a great accent against the mottled look of the larger letters. I used a sponge for the r, t, c, and I. On the c, I sponged it several times to make sure it had a darker appearance.

You can easily cover the Dimensional Elements with paper, too. I'll show you in a future post! If you haven't tried using some of these, do! They are great!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time for a new Challenge!

I've got this GREAT picture of my boy at his Honduras mission trip this summer, but I just haven't had time to get it into his book. So as I'm sitting here working on other computer files (Why did I EVER think that having a laptop would actually SAVE me time!!!???) I opened up my design file and sketched out the page I want to use for this picture. I hope to have time next week to actually create it, but in the meantime, maybe you could create a layout using the idea? I'd LOVE to see what you do with it! Please email it to me and I'll post it on the blog right along with the sketch! Deadline for these submissions is 10/5.

I do hope you'll try this out. I'd LOVE to see your work!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Double-Triple Layout - 4

I use the Double-Triple (double layout, with 3 decorated pages for each) when I have an event with a LOT of pictures - like my son's football season - but I don't want to make a bunch of extra pages.

Another trick I use to display a lot of pictures without making too many pages is shown here. I get acid free clear envelopes and stack them to make a little flip file.

Close to My Heart now has their own version of this with the new "Flip Flaps". They can flip up and down or sideways and will hold two 4 x 6 pictures.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Finishing the Folio Layouts

I wanted to revisit this because I've gotten some questions about it. I hope this clears it up enough for you to make a triple-double set of your own. Oh, and if you do - I want to see it!

Basically, the 1-2-3 layout is really just 3 different double layouts using the same paper pack and two of the CTMH folios. I used the bulk “Game On” package for the background star paper for each layout and added the stripe as accents as well as red and blue (Cranberry and Moonstruck) cardstock.

Once I put the layouts onto the star paper, I then mounted the star paper onto the folios. They need to be “upside-down,” like a tent, instead of like a file folder. First, the layouts are mounted on the inside of the folios (opened). Then, you can slip the un-notched sides (which should be the BOTTOMS of your lower layouts) into the page protectors of your album. Close the folios and mount the last two layouts onto the outside.

To protect the outside of the layouts, I use two more page protectors. These have to be adjusted to fit correctly. First, I cut off the 3-holed strip, cutting between the holes and the edge of the pocket that looks like its sewn. Then I cut a 3 inch opening for the notch at the bottom of the protector – just a slit in it. Finally, to make it fit correctly, I cut a 1-inch strip off of the top of the page protector (the opened part).

Hope this helps! Please send me a picture if you decide to make a layout of your own. I’d love to see it! (And post it!)

Double-Triple Layout - 3

This was the way it looked when it was all opened up. I kept the theme going on the inside with the stripes and diamonds and added some stinkin' cute star paper clips that I found at Office Depot to complete the look.

Also, check out the way the pictures on the top left and bottom right sort of fit together like a puzzle. I found a new toy! I loaded up a bunch of pictures onto Costco.com and made a composite with them. Then I printed it out and cut it in half to mount them on my pages.
But GUESS WHAT! Close to My Heart will have a new online software of it's own at the first of the year that will do this very thing! I can't wait to try Studio J!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Double-Triple Layout - 2

Yes, these layouts open up. I used the Close to My Heart Tru-Fit Folios. I turned them upside down and allowed the flap to open upward.

These were ideally made to collect memorabilia that wouldn't work on the top of a scrap-book page. Cards and tickets, or award ribbons can easily be slipped into the folio and the outside of it can be decorated just like any other page.

In this picture, I continued the Game On theme and slipped the Homecoming program through a small slot in the page protector so someone can actually look through the booklet. You can do that without fear using Close To My Heart products because our paper is buffered. That means that the acid from the news article or the copied booklet won't spread to my pictures! It makes a little protective barrier around the bad stuff, but still allows me to show it on my pages! I love that!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Double-Triple Layout - 1

I fell in love with this layout!
First, I started with Game On paper and used the All Star stamp set to give a splash of color. I just stamped a bunch of them in Moonstruck and Cranberry and cut them out then splashed them across the layout. I also double matted the pictures to make them pop.

This was actually a layout that we made at one of my retreats. I always have at least one workshop. Sometimes it is for a layout; sometimes I do altered projects. This one went over great! We added strips of design paper (b&ts) on the sides to center the artwork. Stay tuned, though, because I took my set to another level!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Homecoming Layout

Even though this paper is retired, it was still one of my favorite packages! I would've hated having to scrap-book for my boy without it!

The large square at the bottom is for the journaling that I forgot to do - bad Marji! I used Typewriter Keys alphabet stamps for the title along with some monogram Dimensional elements. Typewriter Keys is retiring! Make sure you visit my website and get a set before they are all gone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simple Circles

I like this layout. Again, I'm embellishment-challenged and while I know there is more I can do with this, I haven't a clue of what!

Any suggestions?

I wanted to connect the circle on the state seal with the circles of the inside of the dome, but I didn't take it any farther. I think I'm right in stating that the Texas Capitol building is the tallest in the US. I KNOW it is taller than the US Capitol (probably just from the outstretched hand of the lady on top). By the way, she is holding a star (the Lone Star?) but a large bird perched on top of it when I took the picture.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Portrait Layout

I used the Imagine patterns with the Close to My Heart paper package called "It's a Guy Thing." I particularly like the double and triple matting of this layout. It really made my son's portraits "pop".

The title is accented with a monogram Dimensional Element, but as I look at it, I think it really needs something else. Maybe some brass brads could go up the cream-colored line on the right? Would something else do better? I admit, I'm embellishment-challenged and I'm always looking for other things to add to my layouts.

One thing I did do with this was distress. much of the paper is torn and on the title I used a technique that I sort of taught myself. Back when I started stamping, I would always get edges in my images. Once I even dropped an inked-up block (well, part of it was inked) onto an almost-completed project! I was heart-sick. So I tried inking up the empty block again and applying the ink in a circular scrubbing motion. You can see the effect on that title section.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Five-Minute Layout!!!

Yes, 5 minutes! My pictures are down. The date/place/situation are all logged in, and it fits in just perfectly for my no-frills son's album.

For this layout, I used a "My Reflections" Level 1 Kit. Have you ever tried those? Talk about FAST and EASY! I added a bit of card stock to the base page and matted a couple of the pictures to complete the look. My title was also simple, thanks to the stickease that comes in the kit and a Cocoa marker! Using these Level 1 pages and the extras that come in those kits, I was able to make an entire album (actually, almost 2!) with 112 pages, over the course of only 9 days!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Football Layout

I just love the Cherish and Imagine scrap-booking programs! They make my scrap-booking so uncomplicated. I used some of my leftover retired papers to create this simple layout. The Outdoor Denim is actually a B&T paper (background and texture) and I used Barn Red card stock as my mattes and accents along with a smattering of Bamboo card stock. I used the Rustic Alphabet in Outdoor Denim for the titles and distressed the Barn Red card stock with some 2nd generation random stamping using the same stamps. 2nd generation just means that after I ink up the stamp, I stamp it first on scrap paper before I stamp it onto the project. That way it leaves just a shadow of the image instead of a dark stamp.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm so disappointed! I truly worked for hours getting that email set up and all linked only to have my sweet friend confirm that none of the links worked and it was received all messed up! Yikes! So I've recreated the entire email for you all here. Thanks for understanding!
September is
National Stamping Month!
Close to My Heart is celebrating with a dynamite special! Many of you have really liked some of the stamp sets that I own which were limited edition specials from the past. You've been sad that I could no longer find those sets. Well, this is one of those sets! The full-sized stamp set comes with enough card bases and envelopes for 16 cards with full-color instructions. The set also includes mini stamp pads, coordinating card stock, design paper, ribbon, and embellishments! Click on the picture link to find the flyer with pictures, purchase information, and how to earn this kit for Free!

Monthly Workshops (Most of these titles are also links!)
Scrappin' Happy - this is a scrap-booking workshop where we'll make 8-10 layouts using the Cherish or Imagine instructions. It is a FREE workshop when you bring your own "My Reflections" paper pack, or you can purchase a package for a minimal amount. Each month requires a different amount of supplies, but the fee will be less than $15. Click HERE to see some samples from my Scrappin' Happy workshop!
Workshops on the Go - this is also a scrap-booking workshop where we will make some great layouts using a different NEW paper package each month. Your supply kit includes a paper pack with matchinging embellishments and an exlusive stamp set created especially for the workshop and ONLY available through the workshop! Also, each kit has a full-color instruction sheet with extra layouts you can do with the leftover supplies from the workshop. It even has instructions for a set of cards!
As You Like It Club - this club meets after the Scrappin' Happy workshops for a few hours of free scrap-booking and free use of my stamps and inks. Club members also get free gifts with each monthly club order and enjoy the hostess rewards one month out of the club term. Contact me if you would like to learn more about joining this great group of talented, creative ladies!
Other workshops offered during this season:
Jingle Gift Album - I'm still in the process of creating this, so there is no artwork I can post for it. However, you see it in the new Fall/Winter Idea book on page 43 (which you can see online at my website - HERE!) In my workshop, we're using the new Jingle paper pack to create a Christmas book. The workshop is set for October 24th at 10 AM.
Christmas Greeting Card Workshop - Oh, these are FUN! We'll be making 8 simple, festive cards on Saturday morning, November 28, at 10 AM for only $7! That's right - less than $1 a card! And they're EASY to recreate at home for a bundle of homemade cards to make your friends and family feel extra special this Christmas! Click HERE to see this set.

  • Gift Album Workshop (Jingle Christmas Album) - Oct. 24, 10 AM
  • Scrappin' Happy - Oct. 24, 4 PM
  • As You Like It Club Night - Oct. 24, 6 PM - 10 PM
  • Workshop on the Go (Twitterpated) - Oct. 25, 5 PM
  • Retreat at the Addison Hilton Garden Inn - Nov. 20-22
  • Christmas Card Workshop - Nov. 28, 10 AM
  • Scrappin' Happy - Nov. 28, 4 PM
  • As You Like It Club Night - Nov. 28, 6 PM - 10 PM
  • Workshop on the Go (Jingle) - Nov. 29, 5 PM
All workshops must be pre-paid, but the monthly WOTGs can be your AYLI club order if you are a member and would like to attend. Please contact me by email (marjiec@verizon.net) to sign up for a workshop and I'll let you know how to send in your supply fee.

Let me hear from you!

Grace Workshop on the Go - September 27

These first 3 layouts are the ones we'll be making at the workshop. They are all patterns from the Close To My Heart scrap-booking program called Imagine. I will have them fully decorated soon and will post them again at that point, but I wanted you to be able to see both the first step and the final product. By the way,

this is our new Grace paper pack. I love the autumn coloring of these papers! I'm offering a this workshop on Sunday night, September 27, beginning at 5PM. You will receive the Grace paper pack, a full color instruction sheet to create the last layout in this article, the edge anchors that were used, and a medium-sized stamp set create especially for this
workshop. Oh, and it is the ONLY way you can get the stamp set! You will find a flyer for this workshop HERE. Please contact me for supply cost and to reserve your place as space is limited!

I can't wait to get my pictures on these!