Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Things

Okay, the name of this layout in Imagine does say something about 10 things, but I only used 8. It's an easy layout to pull off and perfect when you have a collection of pictures that don't really go together.

In my layout, I took some of my favorite pictures of my son during his senior year as one of the final pages in his album for graduation. This ended up being a mix of those favs and a couple of others where I didn't have enough of one even to make a whole layout with it.

Such was the case with the picture of the group at the bottom of the left page. That was an even when the seniors from our coop went to "Orphan Soles," a charity group that distributes free shoes to needy people. The group spent the day sorting and organizing the shoes by size and type, and boxing and shipping them. They had a great time, but I only got a handful of pictures and only 1 with my son in it. The same thing happened at his football banquet, but I just couldn't pass up getting some pictures with his coach into his book.

Last, but not least, were the 2 pics I took of him before his Hillbilly night party at youth group! What a hoot!

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