Monday, August 31, 2009

Christmas Card Workshop - November 28; 10 AM

This workshop will be completed in only a couple of hours and you'll leave with 8 hand-made Christmas cards that are easy to re-create. Email me with your desire to participate in this workshop and follow up with pre-payment so I can order your supplies. The supply fee for this workshop is only $7. That's less than $1 per card!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Christmas Layouts

Isn't that sleigh cool!!!??? I think, but I'm not sure, that she cut it out of some of the B&T using a Sissix machine. She also used glitter glue on the "skis". I love the way Alissa used little circle punches of the kids' faces as extra accents!

She also added the clear sparkles to the title and the sleigh along with ribbon and stick ease. This is a basic layout, with B&T as the base and coordinating primary colors as mattes for the title and pictures.

The second layout is also quite simple, with cardstock (9 x 12) and 2 coordinating B&Ts (1 x 12 and 2 x 12) vertically next to the cardstock. Again, she used mattes, ribbon, and stick ease to complete the look.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Christmas Layouts

Even when paper is retired, the ideas can be used again and again - and I know there are still some of you with retired paper still a part of your collection. I know I still have some - including this Hollydays pack. (Yes, it is one of my favorites!)

Kym used a picture as a title for this cover page for her Christmas book. The layout is actually a calendar layout and she added some "days" under the picture to show how the trip fit into the month's activities.

In these layouts, she displayed her Christmas card choice as well as some other cute-cute portraits that weren't chosen.

Her left layout used the green pattern paper (B&T) as the base and has one 2 x 12 B&T running vertically about 3 inches from the left edge on it. The right layout was built on white cardstock. A 9 x 12 made up the right side and a 3 x 12 strip made up the left. A 1 x 12 strip of the paper on the right ran through the middle of the paper on the left as an accent. Added to the basic layout are ribbon and stick ease pieces along with Cricut letters. Kym used edge anchors as accents on the red mattes on the left page and connected the two pages by using matching paper for her matte on the right layout.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Layouts from Julie

Thanks so much to Julie Armstrong for these layouts using the Evensong paper pack and stick ease.

These layouts are so easy, but so well-organized. The same layouts can be used again with a different paper pack to create an entirely look.

The first left layout uses a 4 x 12 piece, an 8 x 8 cardstock and another 4 x 8 cardstock. Add some accent paper or stickease and a design paper matte to complete the image.

The first right layout holds a 6 x 12 cardstock and a 6 x 12 design sheet. Matching accents, along with coordinating mattes make this an easy, inviting layout set.

The second set has a few more pieces but is still terribly simple. For the right layout, use a 4 x 12 design piece, a 5 x 12 cardstock (the red) and two 1 x 12 strips of cardstock (top and bottom borders for the other cardstock). The bottom corners are created by cutting a 4 x 4 square directly down the middle horizontally (from the bottom left corner to the top right corner). The right layout is made with three sections of 4 x 12 paper - 2 different cardstock pieces and 1 b&t (design sheet). The set is connected and completed through the accents and stick ease that is added.