Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You know, I really love what I do! I get the opportunity to meet wonderful ladies and help them celebrate their memories and build relationships! I can't think of a better job besides teaching my own kids.

Well, until a week ago. I was invited to be a personal assistant to a neat, neat lady who is just full of life and enthusiasm! She has given me the unique opportunity not only to make a little money on the side, but to establish a brand new business helping others with their travel needs while I enjoy fabulous trips at unbelievable prices! I can't wait to take my family to Disneyworld for less than $400 for a 4-night stay! (Yes! We're staying ON-PROPERTY!)

Now I get to help folks MAKE the memories that they will later celebrate - How cool is that????

Life is good!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

So many ideas!

I have seen such great designs and ideas on the different blogger sites, that I wanted to jump into the pool. I'm hoping to become creative, you see. Right now, I'm good at the skeleton part of scrapbooking - the layout ideas, the paper choices, even sets or groups of layouts, but I'm just not so great at the prettying up part. I'm amazed at some of the pages I've seen, just can't believe how easy they appear, but even though I have lots of gorgeous embellishments, I just can't seem to figure out when and how to use them.

So here is the deal: I come up with sketches and technique ideas and this blog will help me follow through with my embellishments. Feel free to contact me for posting. I'd love to see as many ideas as possible to help with my handicraft handicap!

m.e. 11-9