Thursday, February 26, 2009

Graduation Album

This great book was easy to put together. Ann didn't want an actual album, but she did want to commemorate the graduation of her brother. We created this using a 12 x 12 cardstock for the back and front covers, page protectors for the inside pages, and a 12 x 4 inch cardstock as the binding for the book. We tied inexpensive tassels that she found in the fabric section of Walmart for the binding. She used a tag and some tassels that she found in the lighting section for decoration on the front.

Each page told a different piece of his journey and saved the memories of his special day. We used an old CTMH kit for this, but our new Silhouette paper package and stickease would be perfect for this project. You can easily add the school color to the pallet by adding some detail stamps to the paper and using matching cardstock as photo matting.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Layouts from Christy

This is another set of layouts from Christy. Notice the silver hinges in the layout with the wedding cake. You can actually use those hinges by cutting a slit in the page protector and threading the "lid" through the slit. I have used things like that before, however I always make the picture the base of the section - under the page protector. I let the "lid" be journaling, artwork, or souvenirs.
In the bottom layout, that issue is remedied with the use of acid-free envelopes from clearbags.com. You can add a stack of pictures to your page just by attaching the protective bags and again, cutting a slit in the page protector to let the stack pull through.
If you try one of these ideas, please share it !

Monday, February 9, 2009

Chelsea's Baby Shower Layout

Chelsea shared this layout. I think it's a great example of using invitations in your layouts. The most important aspect is to make sure you use papers that will coordinate with the invitation. The pink shade that Chelsea used doesn't exactly match the colors on the invitation, but it coordinates - it doesn't clash with the shade.

I'm not a color guru, but I've learned so much about it since I started this journey with CTMH. For instance, this pink has purple overtones. They're not obvious at all, but if you put this pink next to one with orange overtones - like a salmon color - you would see a distinctive and often unpleasant difference.

In this case, while the colors aren't exact, the shading works well together with all the pinks being of the purply variety. The brown she is using is sort of a dark chocolate and also doesn't exactly match, but goes with the brown of the invitation. Browns also have shadings, from green to orange tones. This brown is rather green in tone, but not extremely. She embellished the brown cardstock with an impression machine that did a dry-emboss pattern on it. The "Love" label is from the Cricut, I think. I have the vague impression that it was a temporary label that she planned to switch out with something else, but I may be confusing her with one of the other guests. I think, if it were me, I would stamp the "LOVE" on some of the plain brown cardstock - that hasn't been impressed - in White Daisy. I would cut it out in an oval shape and maybe even edge the oval in the white daisy as well. Then I'd further accent it by raising it on a 3D foam square.

I really like this page! It is simplicity itself, starting with a solid, brightly colored base and having no other paper than a diagonally set design sheet. The only other papers on the layout are small-print mats for the pictures. What a quick way to introduce a section of pages from a singular event!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Perfect Day Double layout!

Brandy used the Perfect Day paper to make this cute double layout.
You know, when I first started scrap-booking, my pages were generally the same: white base, photos on cardstock mattes, title, journaling or captions, and stickers - lots of stickers! How things have changed!
Brandy has used a colored base to start with (Desert Sand) and shows it as a frame on the right layout and with turned-down corners on the left layout. (BTW, did you know that the Perfect Day paper has a design on the back that will show when you bend down the corners?)
No stickers here! Just stamped images and sentiments, ribbon, a paper flower, and accents used to make the tag ties. Scrap-booking has come a LONG way!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perfect Day layout from Brandy

This paper pack has become a favorite with my club members and retreaters. In this layout, (looks like a variation on an Imagine design?) Brandy also used some of the matching stickease. Checkout the strip on the top left corner, as well as the sentiment and circular embellishment at the bottom. (Could those be pockets??)
The details are really attended to in this layout. The paper tearing at the top is echoed at the bottom and all cut edges are distressed with inking.
This paper highlights the newest colors from CTMH: Tulip (the dark pink), Sorbet (the orangey pink), Juniper (the bluish-green), and Creme' Broulee (the creamy yellow). I can't wait to see this layout when it is complete with pictures!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Limited Edition!

This awesome Key to My Heart paper pack/stamp set is only available until February 5!

Thanks SARAH for sharing these pages! I LOVE them!

The colors are our new ones: Sorbet, Juniper, Tulip, and Creme Brulee. However, if you're seeing this AFTER 2/5/09, don't dismay! This color scheme (and close to it) is available in the Perfect Day paper pack and also some of it is available in the Unforgettable paper pack!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Layouts from Lisa

I love these layouts! The title tells it all and the pictures are great with it!.

I love the way Lisa distressed these papers. She first tore them and then edged them with a dark brown ink that matches the letters she used. She also got more than 10 pictures on her pages by using a flip stack on the bottom right of the pages. She used envelopes from Clearbags.com and cut her pictures to fit into the 4x4 spaces.