Friday, September 11, 2009

Double-Triple Layout - 2

Yes, these layouts open up. I used the Close to My Heart Tru-Fit Folios. I turned them upside down and allowed the flap to open upward.

These were ideally made to collect memorabilia that wouldn't work on the top of a scrap-book page. Cards and tickets, or award ribbons can easily be slipped into the folio and the outside of it can be decorated just like any other page.

In this picture, I continued the Game On theme and slipped the Homecoming program through a small slot in the page protector so someone can actually look through the booklet. You can do that without fear using Close To My Heart products because our paper is buffered. That means that the acid from the news article or the copied booklet won't spread to my pictures! It makes a little protective barrier around the bad stuff, but still allows me to show it on my pages! I love that!

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