Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ornaments - these can be used for all kinds of tags!

These are elegant and so simple to put together. Thanks KEVIN, for sharing them with us!
To create this, punch 20 identical circles using matching design paper mounted on cardstock (to get the desired thickness), and coordinating cardstock. For each circle, you will fold up 3 sides until they meet at the point, creating a little triangle in the center.
Once they all have their little tabs, you can begin attaching them. Five go together to create the top and another 5 make the bottom. On both of these sections, the points will go together and the side tabs are the ones that are attached. The middle section is made up of 10 circle/triangles. Half of them are sitting on bases and the other half are sitting on points (as shown in the picture). Again, the side tabs are the ones attached, but alternate the triangles with every other one pointed up and the others pointed down to make a full ring.
You can attach the middle ring to the top one by adhering the top 5 bases of the middle ring to the unattached bases (5 of them) of the top section. Then do the same to attach the bottom section to the rest of the ornament.
I suggest using a firm glue for this project - ideally, use Liquid Glass! The items that have been tried that DON'T work include Tombow Adhesive, hot glue gun, CM tape runner, and Elmer's glue. Alene's Sticky Glue might work, but the Liquid Glass from CTMH definitely does!

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