Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Notebook Calendar

Okay, I spotted this in a paper crafting magazine and just had to try it! It took some time, but it ended up being fairly easy! First, I purchased an 80-page notebook that measured about 5 x 7. I taped together each 6 pages until I had 12 sections before I did any stamping or cutting.

Next, I did all the background stamping. I made a point to measure where each of the large stars were on the pages so I could put them in the same place on each sheet. That way, when I flipped the months, for instance, the large star would continue to line up even if it was in a different color. (BTW, I used Breeze, Ocean, Creme Brulee', and Sorbet ink for the background.)

After I stamped all the backgrounds (12 sheets), I cut the sections. On mine, I cut the two left sections at 1 1/2 inches wide and the two right sections at 2 inches wide. I had originally intended for the day and month to be on the left, but when I drew my cutting lines on the back of the pad, I inverted the measurements. (Ooops!)

Finally, I stamped the first section with a 1, a 2, and a 3, and left one other section blank. I tore out the remaining sections and extra pages. In the second section, I stamped 1-0 and tore out the remaining 2 sections and the extra pages. In the third sections, there were no extra sections, but I removed the extra pages and stamped the sections with the month names. In the last section, I stamped the abbreviations of the days and tore out the last 5 sections and extra papers.

I stapled a 1 x 4 inch strip to both covers of the notebook while it was inverted so it wouldn't accidentally flatten out.

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