Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mistletoe Workshop Layout #5

This is the layout that actually came in the brochure with the Mistletoe workshop. I hope you will order it before they are gone forever. Even if it's February already, go ahead and call me! I MIGHT be able to get the workshop kit, still.

This is one CUTE double, but again, I must confess to some instruction altering. See the large holly paper section at the top of the left page was actually supposed to be a large picture (9 inches wide). Now I don't know about you, but I don't print out pictures that big and I don't REALLY want too many of them in my book. In fact, with 4 kids, 3 nephews, and 1 niece, I prefer to have MANY little photos to save the memories - since that's what I have such a bad time with - instead of one big photo with lots of details. So, I cut a 9 x 6 of the paper instead and plan to house 2 to 4 smaller photos in the space instead of a great big one. As for the blank area on the right, that is for three 4 x 3 photos in a row. Not sure if I'll do that, or a 4 x 6 and then a smaller one.

I really like the embellishments in this one, though. The kit comes with the Mistletoe brad set that includes the poinsettias, the pretty green framed brad that you can see and the etched pewter brads. I added to the texture by raising a couple of the stamped images up just a bit. And the ornament in the center of the title card will be the letter O whenever I figure out what I'm going to say. "Joy comes in the morning" or "So much fun." The brochure says, "SNOW much fun," but it just doesn't usually snow around here at Christmas and this year was no exception. Maybe I'll make it "O Christmas Tree."
If you want this set of the Olivia that I've shown, today is the last day to order it! Email me!!!!

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