Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mistletoe Workshop Layout #3

Now this layout is just plain and even a little boring, but try to picture the right hand page with a 4 x 6 photo about the journaling card and a 3 x 3 photo under the diagonal stripe. Then picture a title across the top of both pages and either some extra 5 x 4 photos along the right side or more journaling and a picture at the bottom. Then on the left hand side goes one 6 x 6 picture or two 6 x 3 pics. Another 3 x 3 goes next to the candy strip and a final 6 x 4 goes under the green print B&T.

I know that's a lot to imagine and without the pictures, this layout just isn't done any justice, but it will look awesome when it's done! It is called "Love Potion" and can be found on page 18 of the Magic book although I altered it a little. The pattern calls for the two 4 x 6 pics that are on the inside of each page to be right next to each other. I didn't like the way that looked as much so I pulled the Colonial White journaling cardstock down to the bottom of the grouping. Once the pics are on, I'll stamp the outline of the groupings, but I didn't want to do that ahead because I may be adding extra pictures. Boy, I really need to get some pics printed!

One last item is the little pocket at the top. This can be used as a souvenir pocket, but I think I'll position some cropped pics and stamped ornaments spilling out of the pocket. Don't worry, I'll repost this one when I'm done with it. Probably after my retreat in February.

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