Thursday, January 20, 2011

Olivia Workshop Layout #2

This layout isn't an original, so I can't give exact cutting dimensions, but I can tell you that it is the "Enchantment" layout from the Magic Scrapbooking program, on page 78. I can also tell you that I altered the original cutting directions in order to save paper. I cut the 1/2 inch strip of Colonial White for the top of the left page, but instead of making the 12 x 11 big cut for the right-hand page, I made two separate cuts. The first was 1/2 x 12 to go all the way across, but the second cut is only 2 x 10 1/2.
I distressed all of the Colonial White pieces in Bamboo ink the same way. I apply the ink to an empty block and then swirl it onto the paper in little circles until most of the ink is gone. Then I reink the block and repeat the process until the distressing is the way I want it.

On both pages, the base is Bamboo. The top, orange section is the backside of the bright green, floral B&T. The middle section is the watercolor B&T and I put just a few random stamps using the small leaf stamp (that comes with the workshop) in Barn Red ink. Then the bottom section that spans the 2 pages is the stripe. I didn't randomly stamp the stripe, it actually comes that way, but I did stamp the Bamboo base at the bottom. I used Bamboo for the large stamp, Autumn Terra Cotta (as I didn't have the Sunset stamp pad at the time) in a 2nd generational stamp with a long, skinny leaf, and I used the same small leaf in Barn Red, too.

I added a "Delight" to the top of this page, thinking that it would be appropriate no matter what photos I choose to put on the page. I also randomly placed some of the Shimmer brads to give the layout a finished look to it.

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