Friday, January 21, 2011

Olivia Workshop #3

This is the layout that came with the Olivia workshop. A color brochure with complete instructions is included with the kit. If you buy ANY set, this one should be the one! It is positively gorgeous!
I've only just decided what photos to use on this page and I can't wait to get them on there. The brochure includes three 5 x 7 pictures with 2 of them landscapes on the left page and the other portrait on the right page. It also includes six 2 x 2 photos with 3 on the left side of each page. All of the photos match the rest of the paper by being sanded on the edges - yes, on the edges of the actual photos. AND the portrait photo on the brochure shows a little of the picture sanded off and a stamped sentiment in the sanded area. I am SO doing that!
In keeping with the sanded theme, the stamped images (I hate cutting out stamped images, but they end up looking SO nice!) are also sanded a bit in the middle and coupled with some 2nd generational stamping.

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