Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Olivia Workshop Layout #1

Since I already had some of the pages out, even though I haven't finished the pages with photos, yet, I thought I would go ahead and give the instructions for these pages. This double is my own layout, so I can actually give cutting dimensions.

The right pages is a pocket page with inserts that act as photo mats. I always wondered how anyone could use a pocket page in their album because the inserts would be so hard to reach from the top. They are, if you're reaching in from the top, but not if you cut a slit into the plastic. You will need to slice the page protector the width of the insert plus a hole punch on each side so the slice won't extend too far. I usually make my slice just below the top of my insert. That way my insert can stick out just a little without removing protections for the photo.

The left page is a continuation of the right, in look, but it isn't a pocket page. I used some little "belts" to continue the theme, but even though the pictures can tuck up under them, no slits are necessary to view these as they are not removable.
The left base is the darker leaf B&T and the right base is the light floral B&T. The left layout has a 4 x 12 cut (although it can be 4 x 8) of the light floral B&T and is aligned on the right-top of the base page. A 5 x 12 cut of the watercolor B&T lies at the bottom of the base page, but I tore the top edge all the way across before I stuck it down. On top of this is a 4 x 6 of the Sunset polka-dot with the top edge torn. I added another strip of the paper cut 1 1/2 x 6 that I actually wrapped around the corner of a 5 x 7 piece of Smoothie paper. I tore the long edge of the strip first. I also added a 3 x 3 piece of Sunset polka-dot at the top-right. The final card is a 4 x 6 Smoothie mat off-set on the left side of the page. I cut out one of the flowers from the light floral B&T and overlapped the 4 x 6 mat as a final touch.
The right layout starts at the bottom with a 6 x 12 of the dark leaf B&T with the top edge torn all the way across. It was placed directly on the bottom of the base, but the torn side is left clean of adhesive so that the pocket can be made. On top of the dark leaf pocket, also directly against the bottom of the base is a 5 x 12 of the watercolor B&T (top edge torn). I applied a u-shape of adhesive to the B&T to make a pocket section, as well. Under the dark leaf pocket I tucked a 7 x 8 piece of Smoothie as a photo mat. The inserts for the watercolor pocket include a 4 x 5 of the Sunset polka-dot and a 5 x 7 of the same paper overlaid with a 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 of Smoothie cardstock. I added the Shimmer brads to the two inserts to act as handles.
I didn't use any stamping on this page as it was perfectly embellished with just the shimmer brads and I felt more stamping would make it quite busy.

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