Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Technique Tuesday

I saw the cutest thing this weekend. Some marketing company given us all a piece of styrofoam that was in the shape of the sole of a shoe. It had a u-shape cut out of the bottom and a short line cut out of the top. When you pulled those two pieces together, it made a flip flop. What a stinking cute idea!

I can see it advertising travel, real estate (good foundation!) or education, and of course summer fun places.

Anyway, it inspired me to create a pool party card for my twins' birthday party coming up in a few weeks. It was simple to trace the flipflop and I guess it would work to trace any of them. The strap is about 1/2 inch in from the edge of the card, and the small piece between the "toes" is a little more than an inch from the left edge and extends 1 3/4 inch down. It is 1/4 inch wide.

I adjusted the idea so that the heel of the "shoe" is actually folded up and when you "open" the card, it creates a decorated flip flop with all the information. I'm thinking seriously of using this same technique as a journaling file on a scrapbook page.
For this one, I don't have the details of the party yet, so the inside is a little on the bare side. I traced the non-folded section onto cardstock so the card would have weight and strength to it. To hold the "strap" across the top of the card, I folded the little piece cut between the "toes" around the strap and anchored it with a flower and a brad. I could just as easily eliminated that little piece altogether and used a bit of a 3D Foam Square to hold the strap in place.

I'm thinking the top of the card is needing something, maybe something stamped on solid paper? I'm also thinking of adding a folder tab to the top of it, like a label, so it will be easier to open.


  1. Hi Marji,
    What an absolutely brilliant idea for a pool party or any summer fun invitation. One idea would be to stamp a cross-hatch background on the "sole" part of the card. Something light that wouldn't interfere with the info text you add. Another idea for something to grab onto to open the card would be some sort of medium made to look like a piece of bubblegum stuck to the bottom of the shoe. That idea is a little more out-there. haha. Anyway, just a thought. Thanks for sharing your great idea!

  2. Oh my gosh. I LOVE both of those ideas! I'm going to try it. I'll post my final before I send them out next week! Thanks so much for your ideas! (I'm going to use some of the Sculpting Foam with pink ink in it for the bubble gum idea.)