Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Midweek Makeover

This week I did something different. I'm spending the end of the week at a women's network conference and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunities afforded there. So I started with an organizer. I'm going to need a book for my notes and pockets to slip in notecards and pamphlets. I also wanted someplace to slip in the business cards that I received.

I got it all in a thin clip board folder and a pack of business card page protectors. The first thing I did was attach the business card protectors together using jump rings through the 3-hole punches. I slipped them under the clip on the board. I decorated my folder using paper from the Life Delights package and made a matching book to go in the slot of the folder.

Finally, to make sure the book stays in the slot, I spread adhesive across the back side of a page and pressed it securely to the inside pocket of the folder slot.

I used Dimensional Element letters on the front and inked most of them with Hollyhock, Chocolate, and Lilac Mist ink. I also used a little paper to cover the "O" in Notes. I love the way that looks, but I had a little trouble with it this time. I've had an experience where I tried to put adhesive on one and instead pulled up the layers of the letter. This time, I stuck the paper down, but as I cut out the letter, the top layer came off as before. It wasn't such a big deal though as it helped me cut out the paper correctly. Then I attached it back on using Liquid Glass.

I was pleased with the results and it has caught the eyes of several convention goers! Yea!

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