Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Technique Tuesday

Today's technique is another brayer technique. I had never used a brayer until last year and now I am always finding new uses for it. A couple of weeks ago, I showed you an entire double-page layout using nothing but brayer techniques and I was so pleased with it! But this little gem, I didn't use.

There are times when I find just the right stamp and just the right layout, but the placement isn't perfect. I need the stamp to be flipped to fit just right. Using the brayer, I found I can actually do that successfully.

First, ink your stamp of choice, but instead of stamping on paper, roll the impression onto a rubber brayer. Be careful not to let the brayer keep rolling. I usually put my finger on the backside of the brayer to hold it in place.

Once your image is on the brayer, you can carefully roll it onto the paper or project on which you are working. This gives a perfect flip image of your stamp.

Be careful when you're using this technique because when you roll the brayer onto the project, you'll be working blind, just like when you used to use rubber stamps! Yikes! No 2-step stamping with this project!

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