Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Momentum

This morning I was thinking about the wonderful women in my customer group. You know I learned a couple of weeks ago (at the EWomen Conference - find their website here) that the biggest thing we women bring to business is the fact that we build relationships. That is certainly the case with my customer base! Each one of them are such blessings to me and I've learned so much from them!

For instance: Christy, who was a referral from CTMH and a total stranger brings such laughter! (And she brought along her friend Kym, who is the queen of embellishment and inspiration!) Kevin, who was new to scrap-booking last summer, has a gift of giving (as do MANY of the others!). Robin keeps me focused on the important things and keeps me grounded. Brandy has been a great encourager. Jodi, Julie, Nan, and Barbara are so enthusiastic. Every time I get to see or talk to them, they get me geared up and excited about what I'm doing. They don't even know how motivating they are!

The thing is, while all of these ladies have become my friends and are also part of my core team of customers, I would never have met most of them had it not been for my business. And even the three that I knew, I would only barely know if not for CTMH.

So whatever your business might be, treasure the relationships you are building. This network of mostly women that I work with has become a support group, a prayer team, and a sisterhood that has enriched my life tremendously! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Have a blessed - and profitable - week!

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