Monday, June 30, 2008

Tuesday Technique

This Tuesday, I'm going to show the start of a project I called Monochromatic Distressing. I'll do a second step on this project (and a whole new technique idea) next Tuesday.

First, choose a cardstock and stamp pad that matches. I used Holiday Red for both. Choose a stamp set with bold images. (I used Happy Easter to create a cherry type of print.) Once you've stamped the images across the cardstock, crumple it thoroughly. In fact, crumple it more than once, but not so much as to make the paper soft.

The next step is to sand the folded edges of the paper. A coarse grain could make holes in the paper without much work. A fine grain may not show the sanding

effects to their fullest. Choose a medium grain to make the sanding go easily, but not so much as to tear up your paper.

After you have sanded the paper to reach the effect you were working toward, you need to tear off about 1/4 inch from each edge. When you are using white-core cardstock, tearing it always leaves such a nice white edge to it. To make sure you get the white edge, remember that whatever you tear toward you is what you are discarding.

Once you have completed this step, you will want to lay out the cardstock flat. I use the rounded edge of one of my Acrylix blocks to make sure the cardstock is laid totally flat.

This piece is finished and the next steps for the project will be next week's topic.

See you then!

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