Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Flair

I think I mentioned in an earlier blog how I offer a workshop every month for my customers. The thing they want most is to get a chance to use the things that they have purchased and I give them that opportunity with my "Scrappin' Happy" workshops. I love these! We make up 8 to 10 layouts in no time and they are ready for pictures, titles and journaling. Oh and (YIKES!) embellishments.

Here is the latest layout that I completed. I'm really pleased I finished the journaling (in the pocket), set up the titles (instead of just jotting down my title plan on a sticky note!) and added suitable embellishments. (I'm wondering if you can tell that I'm one of those people who gets an idea and starts a project and then boxes it up to finish later - another bad habit I'm working on!)

Actually, the pages are flip flopped in my book, creating a "mountain" in the center of the double and putting the green borders along the outside edges. I added a "Just Blooms" 3-inch blossom from the "Pinks" package and used some vellum paper tags for my girls' initials hanging from the polka dot grossgrain ribbon in the "Blush Ribbon Round" collection. This was the first time I used our new Dimensional Element Monograms. I inked up the "t" in Cocoa and matched the color on my printer when I printed out the rest of the title onto a transparency. I'm beginning to LOVE using transparencies. I don't have to cut out every letter, but I can use them almost ANYWHERE!

So does this need anything else?

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