Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Technique Tuesday

I learned how to make these cards and fell in love with them. They are PERFECT for graduation cards, but can work extremely well for birthday or Christmas cards (with the presents spinning down the slope). It is also really cute the the slope as an arch (using a circle coluzzle). I put a flower stamp in it when I did that!

To make this card, you will need to start with a 9 x 11 1/2 inch black cardstock. You'll score the long side at 2 3/4 inch, then again 3 inches more, and at 3 more inches beyond that. I created a dollar holding pocket by freehanding a cut-out on the first section (2 3/4 inch).

Then fold the outside edges toward the center to see how the card will be set up. The 3rd section (3-inch) is where the slope should be cut. I just used my 12-inch paper trimmer to create the slope. It is 1/2 inch thick and leaves about a 1/2 inch edge between the edge of the card and the cut slope.

The stamping was done in CTMH white daisy and had to dry for a full day since it is pigment ink. I used the "For All Occasions" stamp set.

For the grad cap, I cut a square out of black and edged it with white. I put a mini brad in the center with a bit of waxy flax wrapped around it for the tassels. I worked at the waxy flax with my awl (paper piercer) to separate the pieces and make it look more like a tassel. Then, to put it all together, I attached a PopDot to the center of the "cap" and attached it to a nickel on the other side. I've used a quarter before, but aside from costing 20 cents more, I couldn't see any benefit to the quarter. I then inserted the nickel into the gap of the slope and let it roll up and down. - Done!


I had a request for some more information on this technique so I mapped out a sketch of it. Hope this helps you! Please send me a digi-pic of your card and I'll post it here!

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