Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweetheart Workshop - Layout #2

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, these layouts were fast and easy. I think the reason they were so fast is because the papers - the B&Ts (background and texture, also known as printed or designed paper) - are so GREAT! In this one, the paper I dubbed "Heart Lattice" provides the base. I wanted to show plenty of it, so, while a Magic patter inspired the layout, I altered it quite a bit!

The best thing about this layout is how the papers stretch across both pages. The effect makes it flow together perfectly. The pink cardstock (our new Cotton Candy color!) is cut 10 x 8 for the left and 6 x 8 for the right. Under that is the floral B&T. A 10 x 2 strip peaks out at the top and bottom of the cardstock on the left, but the 10 x 11 piece dominates the right hand page. A 3 x 12 piece of the strip goes along the bottom of the grouping, about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom edge of the base, and over the floral paper. Last, but not least, I highlighted the bottom of the pink cardstock with just an edge of white cardstock and a second layer of black cardstock with a scalloped edge on it.
I really liked the effect the edging had. It makes the photo section sort of pop out. I added a couple of butterflies to the top-left corner of the page and a little heart epoxy sticker to the bottom left corner. Both the stickers and the stamp set comes with the workshop kit!
I also added another epoxy sticker to the right side of the layout that looks a little like a backward S. This is to highlight my title when I get it on. The title will be "And They Call It Puppy Love," and this time it will be in white. I'll likely use my Cricut for it; at least for the "Puppy Love" part, because I intend to put that over the striped section at the bottom of the right hand page. The other epoxy sticker, that looks like a regular S, marks the end of where I expect my title to go.

On that right hand page, I added a heart sticker and adhered a stamped heart directly on my picture. Our stickers, adhesive, paper, and inks are acid free and lignon free so they are safe to use even directly on a picture!
Something else I like to do when I can is spread one picture across both pages like with this pic of my son with his new puppy. (I can't believe he was ever that tiny - the puppy, not the boy!) It really draws the eye into the pages and makes them work together like a team.

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