Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trouble Shooting Lesson 1 - No Smiles

My friend, Carmela, shared these pictures with me. She had quite a challenge the last time she took her son, then 3 years old, to a photo studio. I don't remember why she said he wouldn't smile, but he wasn't cooperating at all. But even uncooperative, is that not the cutest face??? Still, what is a mom to do when faced with paying for a whole round of photos without smiles? Well, I think in Carmela's case, it had to do with some type fun snack, but those first pictures surely weren't trash!

To be honest, I'm in awe of Carmela's ingenuity! She is an interior decorator, so it doesn't surprise me that she came up with such an awesome plan. First, she used the pictures, mostly in black and white, which really adds to the solemness of the facial expression. Because of that, her mounts had color, but not overwhelmingly so, and they had a natural distressed look to them.

Secondly, she mixed these photos in with others (post-snack?) that were full of smiles so there was a good balance to them. This pic of her son's back was priceless to me, but actually he refused to turn around. Love the sports theme to it, but the title tells a great story!

Again, she used muted, but colorful backgrounds and all from the same palette so she could exchange the single layouts until she found the double sets that she wanted. Sheer genius! Tomorrow I'll post the double layout sets that she made.

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