Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweetheart Workshop - Layout #5

The pattern for this double actually calls for black cardstock bases and two 11 x 11 B&T papers centered on them both. However, I hate wasting paper like that. Part of the reason my workshops can make 5 and sometimes 6 doubles out of a paper pack is because I take shortcuts to save paper. So instead of the original, I used eight 1/2 inch strips of black cardstock to frame the B&T and I let the B&T's be the bases for these layouts.
The "frames" were unique because I mitered the corners. It was really very simple. I lined up two strips to make a 90 degree angle exactly then I snipped through both layers from the inside corner to the point to make two matching mitered edges. Then I lightly sanded the strips, especially the edges, so that the mitering would pop a little.

To accent this page - ultra simple! - I added a 2 1/2 inch strip, torn down 1 side, of the stripe paper and over that I layered a 1 inch strip, torn down both sides, of the floral. Aside from that I added a little cut-out, stamped butterfly with a curly trail stamped under it. Finally, once I put the pictures down, I added some stamped hearts and some of the epoxy sticker hearts and dots to and around the picture of my boy and his puppy. The stickers and all the stamps come with this workshop kit. And don't forget that even though I've already done the workshop, you can still have these pages using my instructions and photos.

Both B&T paper strips overlay across the whole page on the left hand side, but on the right hand page, the striped paper isn't torn and only fits inside the frame so it measures 4 x 11. Overlaying it is a 1 x 12 that is torn on both sides. *****When tearing paper, to get the pretty white edge, always tear what you're going to throw away toward you.***** As a last accent on this page, I added a full butterfly, stamped and cut out, along with a stamped curly trail that actually goes over the picture. Our inks are water-based, so once I stamped this picture, I set it aside for a couple of hours to make sure it dried completely. I've never had trouble with smearing on our B&T or cardstock because they will absorb the ink, but the pictures and other glossy surfaces won't absorb so I always give them plenty of drying time.

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