Monday, March 7, 2011

Piecing Together Sweethearts

During my Scrappin' Happy Classes and all of my Monthly Layout Workshops, I try to be really efficient with my paper. My goal is to have little leftover once I'm all done. However, with a couple of extra base pages (white), Angie made these pages with all the leftovers from the Sweetheart workshop. It looks like she started with a 4 x 12 of the stripe B&T at the top of the left hand page and matched that at the bottom right hand corner with a 2 x 5 piece of the stripe B&T. Above the stripe sits a floral B&T that measured 3 x 12 on the right hand side. The left hand page matches it with a 3 x 10 floral. Over this she laid a 1 x 10 of black cardstock on both sides. On the left hand one, though she covered the edges with some random squares: the pink side of a 3-inch square and another of a 2-inch square, where she mounted some other random squares in a checkerboard fashion. Under the largest one is a 2 x 6 black cardstock that abuts the stripe at the top of the page. Last but not least, are some black cardstock mats at the top of the right hand page and some other random squares added to a pink 1-inch strip for decoration. I just love the way this turned out and am so impressed with Angie's creativity! I may have to stop giving away my scraps to my little girls!

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