Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trouble Shooting #1 - Another complete set

Last night I printed off a little St. Patrick's day decoration. I printed it out in color, in a rich Kelly green and was really bummed when I couldn't match the color with any ribbon or cardstock that I found. What a pain. It turned out okay, but it made me grateful all over again for our coordinating sets of scrapbooking paper.

Here is a perfect example of the blessings of coordination. This isn't actually Close to My Heart paper, but our "My Reflections" paper sets with matching Stickease work the very same way. In this case, Carmela was able to pick and choose which pages would make the double layouts. Because all of the papers went together, there is no real right or wrong answers for it.

In Carmela's case, this black and white portrait page worked great to off-set the case of the sad-faces from yesterday.

Separated from the other pages is this one. I have to admit, it is my favorite. I'm not sure how Carmela is planning to use it, but if it were me, it would be the title page or ending page of my album!

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