Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Retreat fun!

This February retreat was a great time! We ended up with 16 people joining us for the weekend at the Hilton Garden Inn in Addison. You can see we thoroughly spread out and there is always a lot of laughter, and creativity floating around the crop room.

This retreat had people coming in from all over. Many were from here in the Dallas area, but we had some come up from South Texas (and I do mean SOUTH), the Austin area, and even as far as California.

At our last retreat, we started a new tradition to spend part of our first night at the Hawaiian Nail Bar getting well-deserved pedicures! Here are this groups toesies after the trip.

These pics were actually taken fairly early on Friday evening, just after the gals started arriving, but the filled room is always abuzz.
This retreat, we had a brand new scrapper, and she had a full album by the time she left on Sunday! Amazing! Every group is different! We have all ages and all cropping abilities. We have some that are focused on getting the pages done quickly and others who are embellishment queens, filling their pages with accents, bling and all types of techniques, and still others who create works of art that have little to do with scrapbooking, but everything to do with creativity!

Close friends meet up again at every chance they get and new friendships are built. We have about 4 retreats per year, roughly August, November, February, and June.
The next two scheduled retreats are June 3-5 and August 5-7. If you are interested in joining this talented group at one of the retreats, please contact me for further details!

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