Friday, March 11, 2011

Tracy's Full Album - Part II

Yesterday, I started sharing the album that our new scrapper, Tracy, made for her mother-in-law. This turned into a particularly special book of memories for their whole family. After she dedicated some pages to the whole family and then her mother and father-in-law, Tracy dedicated a section to each of the 3 sons that her parents-in-law had. This page started the section. The opposite side was laid out, but she didn't have the pics of the brothers that she wanted for that page with her. Doubtless, some childhood pics will adorn that page!

The first section was for Jeff and his kids.

The next section was for Chris and his family.

The final section was for Sean and his family.

Several pages at the end of the book were laid out and ready for pictures and would likely contain some candids of the family. I'm amazed at the quick learning that proved itself in this album and I'm so pleased to show it to you!

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