Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweetheart Workshop - Layout #1

Our monthly workshop lasted only about 3 hours last night! These layouts proved to be the EASIEST we've done in QUITE some time, but they turned out AWESOME! Since I have 4 kids, I keep 5 albums - 1 for each of them and 1 for myself. That's the reason for all the duplicate pictures over the next few days. I plan to title all of them, "And They Call It Puppy Love!" (Yes, I was always a Donny Osmond fan!) The title on this one will go across the top, Tulip cardstock and I'll use black paper or ink for it.
The Tulip cardstock is actually the base here. I used three 1 1/2 inch strips of black cardstock as borders between the top half and bottom half of the page, but on the left hand page, you can tell that I cut the border into "chunks" so that one of them overlapped the picture a little. It turned out that I only used a 1 1/2 x 4 overlapping the picture and a 1 1/2 x 3 to complete the border on the other side. I edge the horizontal borders on both pages with a 1/2 inch strip of the floral B&T, but again, I chunked that up to match the black cardstock on the left hand page. Also on the left hand page, I added a 1-inch strip of the floral next to the vertical black, going under the horizontal stripe. As final accents on this page, I used the Sweetheart Assortment of epoxy stickers that comes with the workshopt set. I added a 3 dots to the horizontal stripe and a frame to the bottom corner. The workshop set also includes an exclusive stamp set, made just for the workshop. This one had some great ones in it. I stamped one of the butterflies, using the rock-n-roll method to deepen the color at the edge of the wings, and cut it out to add to my frame. I thought about titling the page "Dog and Butterfly" (yes I'm a child of the 80's) but I decided I better not because Captain, the black puppy in the picture, would just LOVE to eat the butterflies - a gruesome thought - totally away from the spirit of the song that inspires the title!

The right hand page was super simple! The heart paper is just a 6 x 6 square (the 3 x 6 on the left hand pages just gives an illusion of a larger frame.) Then the black accent along with the floral strip finishes off the page. There aren't even many accents on her. I added 1 epoxy heart, with a cut-out stamped heart and a directly stamped heart up by Captain's picture (He was about 2 months old when he came in the pic where he's licking my boy and he was 4 months in the next picture - so handsome!) and 2 little dots on the floral strip like the 3 on the left hand page. Simple and done - that's the way I like the workshops to be!

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