Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wings Workshop Layout #2

This layout can really throw me as to how it goes into my book. I keep looking at it and initially thinking the right page is the left and vice versa. I finally realized the trick during the workshop, though: The left hand page continues onto the right page by extending the 8 x 10 Vineyard Berry cardstock, into a 4 x 12 strip of it about 2 inches from the bottom of the right page. I stacked another 4 x 12, this of the green print, about the cardstock to complete the effect. The confusion I had came from how I looked at the 3 x 11 strip of the black print and thought that it went with the 11 x 11 black print on the other page. I actually had it sitting like that for a while before I realized my mistake.

For this layout, I used the "Charmed" design from page 80 of the Magic book by Close to My Heart founder, Jeanette Lynton.
Like the last layout, I used the new spray pen on my Colonial White 4 x 4 cardstock squares. I also did a technique called "Masking" on the 3 x 4 journaling card on the right hand page. After cutting the card itself, I cut a 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 card of scrap and laid it on top of the card. I centered the scrap before I misted the card heavily. Then when I removed the scrap, the clear center of the card was set up with a misted 1/4 inch frame around the whole thing.
I further embellished the page by adding 5 black brads to the edge of the card. On the second one, I added a photo clip.

All of the embellishments I used were part of a "Mini-Medley" that went with this workshop. I used 13 inches of the ribbon and wraped the edges around so that the ribbon overlapped the Vineyard Berry cardstock by about 1/2 inch. I actually attached the little metal frame onto the ribbon itself using one of the button brads. Inside the frame, I stamped the word "inspire" and cut the square corner to corner so that it would fit just right. I also inked the edges in the same ink that I used to stamp it, Vineyard Berry.

I applied one other stamp to this double. I used the large, ornate frame and stamped the center-bottom of the 3 x 12 Colonial White cardstock in black. I stamped the pointed edge into the middle and then turned it over and stamped the curved center of the bottom on either side of it in such a way that the images blended together.

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