Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wings Workshop Layout #1

This page will be titled, "There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters!" Yes, I've got to get on the titling of all my pages, but the pictures on these are some of my favorites! We didn't use a professional photographer this year. Instead, my daughter, Katie, and I happened to find this great park near the house and waited for a dry overcast day. As soon as one came along, we packed up a step-stool and my camera bag and rushed out there. It was a little windy, but that ended up working to our advantage as we got some awesome shots.

This is the way the two pages looked together with all the pictures on them. I covered up a little of it though, so I'll also show the empty layout below.

What makes this double special (well, the whole set utilized this tool!) is the new Close to My Heart Spray Pen! You can tell in this picture of the girls, that the whole background (Colonial White Cardstock) has a light mist of Vineyard Berry. It gives texture to the whole layout. I love the variety this adds to my pages!

The design itself, called "Transfigure," was made from the directions in Magic page 112, but the layout was terribly simple with a few 1 inch and 1/2 inch strips along with some 4 inch squares. The actual pattern calls for a large 8 x 6 picture tucked between the two strips and over the 4 x 12 piece of the black and green print. With that large pic, there was an illusion that the red and black print went from the middle of the right-hand page all the way to the left edge of the left-hand page. Since I didn't use that large pic, the illusion is broken, but I still like the way it turned out.

I utilized the 4 x 12 piece of green and black print to mat a portrait style picture I had. I cut the picture down to 3 3/4 inches wide. For the small pictures, I actually took 3 full-sized pictures (4 x 6) and cut and pasted them into a single 4 x 6 "canvas" in a photo editing program. It made the pictures each a little less than 2 inches wide and they were a little more than 3 inches tall on the prints. I cut one of them down to 3 inches tall and matted it on the green square. I had a 4 x 4 of my redhead, that wouldn't fit right into the final square on this page, but I didn't want to cut it down any more. So, I just used it as it was, and completely covered the last of the squares with the larger picture. A little, 4-hole button adorned the bottom left of the page.

The right hand page shows the little 3 x 3 squares the way they were meant to be. I put another little mini pic in one of them and left the other one open so I could add journaling later. The picture of the trio went in the highlighted spot at the top of this 8 x 9 piece of B&T. I ended up having this gorgeous 4 x 6 pic of my redhead leftover, but it is my favorite picture of her out of all that I've ever taken! Leaving it out of this layout just wasn't an option, so I just placed it in the corner, where it fit perfectly!

Not much embellishment went on this page. I stamped one of the images that came with this set in the top corner in Vineyard Berry and then used the "Rock-n-Roll" technique to add dimension to it. (To achieve the effect: after stamping the original image, ink up just the edges of the stamp in black. To get just the edges, rock the edge of the stamp into the ink and roll it slightly toward the center.) I also stamped this black partial image on scrap paper first to make my edging a second generation image. That makes the black edge a little less intense. I added a cordoroy brad from the mini-medley that came with this kit and a large button. On the button, I threaded 3 inches of ribbon through 2 of the holes and tied a knot on the top of the button. It was hard to thread the ribbon, though and for the rest of my buttons, I just tied a little knot and glued it to the top of the button. The effect was the same.

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