Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Rock - He's a Champion!!!

This layout was a life-saver! I had some pretty bad photos - well, not bad - just oddly colored and off of facebook so they were already small and the quality was lousy. But this even was so special and important to my nephew, I just couldn't leave it out. I LOVE how this layout allowed me to use only a few pics (I only had a few) and they didn't have to be very big to fill in the space!

This photo had an unnatural blue tint to it because of the spot lights, but the multicolored "You Rock" design package blended the different variations of the photo colors perfectly. I also really liked how the stickease pieces could be layered - in this case - to allow me to point out that awesome drummer-boy!

By the way, have you noticed how the titles in the Studio J Online scrapbooking can go directly on the paper or even over pictures? It's like stamping (without smears) on transparency paper and without the glare! (I can't even FIND transparency paper anymore, let alone the glareless type!)

By the way, this layout shows pics from a special regional "Idol" competition, and YES, my nephews band won!!! He SO ROCKS!

As soon as I finish dumping Verizon internet, I'll upload this last picture. It is thoroughly ridiculous that I have to spend 5 hours downloading 5 pics! And customer service just keep telling me it all seems fine and I should just upgrade to their new high dollar program. I don't need a new program, I need the one I have to work the way it has for the last 7 years! So stay tuned until Tuesday when a new carrier will be configured!

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