Sunday, May 2, 2010

Veranda Workshop from April 25 - Layout 3

This is a simple layout where I again used 2 different striped sheets so all my stripes could go the same direction. I cut the 1/2 inch strip against the stripe (at the bottom of the right page) from one page and cut the other two pieces, 5 inches and 3 inches from the other page. The other B&T (background and texture) paper with a Juniper print is cut in a 4 inch strip on the far left hand, and two 1 1/2 inch strip - one on the bottom of the right page, and the other cut twice. The first piece is 3 inches long and goes on the stripe on the right page and the second is cut to 5 inches and goes between the right edge and the first mat on the left side. There are also three mats in Juniper, two of which are 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 and the third is 5 1/2 x 6 1/2. I sponged all the pieces in Juniper with a little heavier sponging on the Juniper mats. I also sponged the bases, but in Creme Brulee'.

Before I added any embellishments to this layout, I stamped the covered bases with both ivy and the 4-petal stamp. The 4-petal stamp I used on the right side of the left page in just a half-circle and also in the corner of the bottom mat - both in Creme Brulee'. For the one on the mat, I overlapped 2 of the petals to make it a 6-petal flower quarter in the corner. For the ivy, I started near the bottom of the left hand page and stamped it several times across the corner and onto the right page. When I stamped it, I "masked" some of the stamp so that the head of the ivy wouldn't show over and over. the bottom of the To mask a part of the image, just use a piece of scrap paper and cover the area where you DON'T want the image to show. When you stamp the image, the masked part will be stamped onto the scrap paper instead of your project so just the part that you want will be on your page. I even created a second stem on the left hand page by overlapping and masking the ball at stamp at the same time. On the right side, I stamped the 4-petal flower in a full circle (in Creme Brulee') at the top of the layout and at the bottom with both of the flowers overlapping the mat. I also stamped a half circle on the right side of the mat without overlapping it. On that one and the one at the top, I added a little of the tulip ink (in a 2nd generation stamp) using the stamp rolling method.

I layered a couple of different flowers from the Just Blooms spring collection onto each other and the stamped images to finish off the look, even sponging some of the petal tips in Tulip and sponging the centers the same way. Those flowers that hung off the edge of the page or the mat, I just cut to give it more depth and a different perspective.

The top center flower earned my largest Filigree Charm and I used a couple of others on the other side to give it a partner. I also lightly sponged the raised edges of the white butterfly in Creme Brulee' to give it depth before I applied Tulip to the outside edges of it. I didn't have any more brads or centers, so I just used the butterfly to cover the flower center so it wasn't so obviously bare. There is one other flower on the other side that will be easier to explain with a close up picture and I'll do that when I share the fourth and final layout.

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