Monday, May 3, 2010

Veranda Workshop from April 25 - Layout 4

This double layout is printed in the Veranda brochure. You can still order this kit from me (which includes the brochure), but you need to act fast as I won't be able to get one after the 5th of April. But if you're looking at this and really want to build it, I can get 10 brochures for you and you can pass them around to your buds.

I wanted to show you another example of stamp rolling and masking on this layout, and also another flower image. The image is on the right hand page. It is stamped in Creme Brulee' using the heart-shaped stamp. I made 5 images in a circle with a little overlap to build that flower and then cut it out. After that I sponged the edges with Tulip ink to give them more accent. I put a white fluted "Just Blooms" flower in the center and connected it with a Filigree charm.
The masking and stamp rolling is shown on this little tulip. First I masked most of the ivy, both the top and bottom to get the stem. To mask, you lay down scrap paper to shield an area from your stamping. In this case, I only left the small area that would show the leaf open and the rest of the ivy went on my scraps. I stamped the tulip from the set that comes with this workshop pack in Creme Brulee'. Then I "rolled" the stamp across the pink ink (also called Tulip, but I don't want you to get confused!) from the petals in about half-way. I dabbed that stamp lightly on scrap paper before stamping it on my image, though, so it would be a lighter shade. That's called a 2nd generation stamp.
More on this layout is in the brochure, so drop me a line if you want to get one. You'll also see it again when I get my pictures on it. Maybe at my retreat?

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