Friday, April 30, 2010

Veranda Workshop from April 25 - Layout 2

This layout, like the last one, is from the Imagine book. I would love to give you the page number as I followed this one pretty closely, but, alas, I have misplaced it. Hopefully I'll uncover it as I pack for my retreat this weekend, but in case I don't, I can still give you some of the pointers.

First, I started with Chocolate Card Stock as my bases. I used the great ivy stamp from the set that came with the workshop in Chocolate ink to make the pattern on the bases. When I did the stamping, I rotated the ivy image and sometimes even overlapped it to give the base a wall paper type of effect.

Something else I did with this layout is use both pieces of striped paper that came with the set. I used one of the papers to cut the pieces that went across the stripes, and I used the other paper to cut the pieces that went WITH the stripe. So the piece on the far left is a 2 inch cut going with the stripe and the piece on top is also 2 inches wide (by 7 inches) going across the stripes.

On the right hand page, top piece is a 2-inch cut across the stripes and the bottom piece (also going across the stripes) is only 1-inch wide. The Juniper print is 3 inches wide on both pages, and the Parchment Cardstock mats measure 5 x 7.

All the paper pieces are sponged with Juniper ink except the Chocolate card stock bases. I used 2 photo clips from the Copper Mini-Medly metal embellisments on either side of the design. I also added flowers and started by stamping the vine image at the top of the left-hand base. I love the Just Blooms sets and for this design, I used the spring collection. I stacked a large white mult-petal disc (after I sponged the edges in Creme Brulee' ink) under a Creme Brulee' fluted flower, which went under a white, 8-petal flower with Creme Brulee sponged on the edge. I held it all together with a copper brad. My second flower stack started with a large, Creme Brulee', 8-petal flower (with the edges sponged in Creme Brulee' to darken it) and was topped with a smaller flower of the same type, all held together with a Filigree charm. I finished off the right side with a Tulip-colored butterfly, the middle of which I dabbed in Chocolate ink. The flower collection on the left hand side was achieved some of the same way, except without the ivy stamped onto the base.

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