Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Rock Layout #4

This is the layout that is actually detailed as part of the workshop package. I haven't quite decided on the titles for these doubles, so I've left some room for those once I decide.
In the last posting, I mentioned a "river" of stamped images. I used it in this one and also in one of the other ones. The instruction brochure really inspired me. While I was able to fit all of my photos on the layout, it still lended itself to some really fun embellishment.
On the left hand side, I used the dot-line stamp that came with this set to accent the square photos. The "river" started on the left layout, just under the pictures and proceeded with a curved course onto the bottom of the right hand page. Not only did I use direct stamping onto the B&T paper (in Outdoor Denim) but I also used some star images that I cut out, some top coat swirls, buttons from the Outdoor Denim mini accents that came with the kit, and bitty sparkles to finish it off.
I also saved some paper with this set. Instead of using white as base pages and then also cutting white for the strips under the pictures and through the left page, I just used the white base page. In fact, to give an appearance of strips, I added brads from the mini-medley set on either end of the open space.

Also from the Outdoor Denim mini medley set, I added a little frame with a stamped sentiment from the stamp set.
The best news about this set is that the workshop kit is still available, but only for one more month. If you are inspired, let me know!

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