Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Rock Layout #3

These workshops are so EASY! They come with a FULL paper pack, a matching stamp set - made specifically for the workshop, a package of accents, and a full-color instruction brochure that includes one double layout and some directions for a second one. This layout was the second one that it suggested. It is called, "Unified Whole" and is on page 68 of the Cherish program. I made some small changes to this layout, too, and I love how Jeannette's designs allow for that! In this one, the design calls for a large 8x8 photograph on the left page. When I used to see those designs, I would always steer clear of them, but this one ended up working easily into my idea for this layout by substituting some 4 x 4 pictures for the 8 x 8 one. I accented the corner with another one of those Top Coats - so fancy - and this time, the colorful paper has circles all over it. I called the first one Starburst, so this one is the Planet paper. LOL!
Anyway, I did some interesting embellishment on this page. First, I wrapped the ribbon that came in my accent kit around the corner of the page. But then I had this great Top Coat piece that was a guitar. Well, I don't really need a guitar for my family, but I liked the way it was in a circle of dots and such. So, I cut it out of the surroundings and used those in little swirley half-circles. I really liked the effect, and I have a buddy who has some need for an extra guitar picture!

I was inspired by the "river" of stamped images in some of the other layouts and made sure I included something of the same sort in this one. The right 3 x 3 cardstock was perfect for the technique. I only did 1 image (I had already stuck down the other elements before the inspiration set in!) but the bright yellow stars and the top coat piece makes it look like it all goes together. The bitty sparkles and the Outdoor Denim Bigger Brad just blended everything together. I even added an extra star and sparkles on another square. Also on this close-up picture, it looks like a couple of the pictures are mis-cut - just too small. What I actually did was use my edge distresser on the edges of the pictures, creating a rough white edge on both of them. It is a great accent on some pages, but I'm not sure it looks right here so I might just reprint the pictures and replace them.

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