Friday, March 19, 2010

My Latest Scrappin' Happy workshop

These 4 layouts only take about 2 hours to make them all up! I get the pages all set up then add pictures, embellishments, and distressing.

This set is from our Aspen paper pack. I started with an 11 x 10 of the snowflake paper and a 4 x 12 strip of Twilight cardstock. The cardstock goes against the right side of the left-hand page and the snowflake paper is centered over it. I started the same way on the right-hand page, with a 4 x 12 strip of plaid paper against the left edge. But on this page, I cut my snowflake paper instead of wasting a lot of it. My twilight strip in the middle was 4 x 8 and the two snowflake strips are both 3 x 8. They just LOOK like they are all the same piece.
On this layout, I used the light brown snowflake paper as my bases. This layout is super simple! Aside from the strips and mattes, I just used 1 full piece of plaid paper. I cut a 4 x 12 strip and put it all the way to the right. The rest of it I put all the way to the left. Voila - simpe layout! At my workshop, we go ahead and cut all the extra pieces using the patterns from the Imagine book.
Another easy layout with the dark blue snowflakes as the base. I used a Cherish pattern to start, but changed quite a lot of it by the time I was done. Basically, the bottom half of the right-hand page and the bamboo square of the left-hand page are all 6 x 6 squares. The rest of the right-hand layout is made up of a 1 1/2 strip and a 4 1/2 inch strip of the coordinating B&Ts (background and texture papers)
This last layout was my favorite! I used the outdoor denim paper with the trees on it as the bases. On this I put a 3-inch strip on the right side of the left hand page and two 4 x 8 strips on the right-hand page. One went at the left-bottom corner, vertically, and the other went horizontally at the top-right corner. I also added Outdoor Denim cardstock mattes and strips to complete the double layout.
I can't wait to get my pictures and decorations on these. They are going to be perfect with the pictures I took of the February record-making snow here in North Texas!

I wanted to share these layouts. They were so simple to make.

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