Monday, March 29, 2010

You Rock Workshop - Layout 1

I so love this layout and am just amazed how well it turned out. I just got inspired last month when I surfed through several scrap-booking sites. This design came from a mixture of about 4 others and it goes perfectly with this paper set!

The cuts are very involved, but the general set up is a 9 1/2 inch tall rectangle (split between the 2 pages with 10 inches on the left and 6 inches on the right) with rounded corners and an 8-inch tall "band" that shows on either side of the rounded rectangle.

This is the right side side of the layout. The base is one of the blue distressed B&Ts (background and texture or design paper). The outside of the rectangle is the green B&T - actually the back, patterned side of an orange distressed page. On the green rectangle-half, I added 2 mattes that I originally cut to 6 x 5 1/2. Then, with the top matte overlapping the bottom one by about 2 inches, I cut a curvy pattern. Because I cut them both at the same time, the pattern matched perfectly. When I cut my pictures, I just "eye-balled" it, but it wouldn't be hard to use the matte as a template for the photos. The outside "band" on this page is an 8 x 6 rectangle of orange cardstock. I used a piece of "starburst" B&T on top of that. The starburst is 1/4 inch thinner than the cardstock and 1/2 inch shorter than the cardstock. I added the spirograph images from the Top Coat collection in the bottom of one picture - held by a brad, and a corner piece in the top of the page with a stamped star covering that. The star is in Sunflower ink and a button with natural hemp adorns the bottom right corner. Finally, I added a couple of small pictures and used the orange B&T (the front side of the green) as small mattes for them.

On the left side, the green rectangle was 9 1/2 x 10 and goes flush against the right edge of the paper. Next to it is a 2 x 8 inch piece of orange cardstock. The starburst B&T on it, like on the other side, is 1/4 inch thinner and 1/2 inch shorter than the cardstock. The mattes inside the green rectangle are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 with a rounded corner. I used another spirograph and brad combo on the picture here, too, along with buttons and a corner top coat on the bottom. Also, I used the metal frame in the Outdoor Denim mini accents in the corner. I plan to add the date there, but haven't yet. Along the right edge, I used some more starburst B&T with 2 of the pieces being 2 x 4 and the 3rd piece measuring 5 x 4. Some of the gals at the retreat cut the center piece down a bit, but not much because inside the center piece, we applied a 4 1/2 diameter circle in the green design paper, with an orange 4 inch circle. The circle hangs off the right edge. Once you have applied your picture, you can cut the circle along the edge (in a straight cut) and then adhere the excess to the right side.

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