Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Veranda Workshop from April 25th - Layout 1

I love doing these layouts and I always have pages ready for my pictures. My next one is May 23 and we'll be using the new Splendor set. Let me know if you want to join us!

The Veranda papers are so beautiful and I can't wait to add my pictures to these! This particular design started from a layout from the Imagine book. However, the one there had so many layers that the base paper (the colorful floral) is almost totally covered - what a waste! So what I ended up with is terribly easy! First, I used the green ivy papers - 2 come in the package - and cut an 8 1/2 inch square for the left-hand side and two 4 x 7 inch pieces on the right-hand side. I also cut a 1 1/2 x 12 inch strip and another 3 inch piece that is 1 1/2 inches wide from one of the green ivy sheets. Those I used upside down as accents for the page. I completed it with a third 4 x 7 piece and two 3 x 3 pieces from the Juniper cardstock.

Because the paper is so busy, there isn't any real need for a lot of embellishments, so I kept them to a minimum. I started off using a medium tulip multi-petal circle flower from the Just Blooms paper flowers spring collection. On top of that I glued down a daisy I made from the stamp set that came with the Veranda kit. It's so cool that the Scrap-booking packages comes with a stamp set that is made especially to go with the paper designs. This stamp is a four-petal one that you will stamp over and over in a circle. It also includes the dot that makes the center circle.

As a last embellishment, I used the small bird from the included stamp set. This I set into the "frame" that is part of the Copper Mini-Medley Collection.

For both the flower and the bird, I used a technique called "stamp rolling". I originally stamped the artwork in Creme Brulee', a light tan color. Then I "rolled" the stamp onto the Tulip stamp pad from the edge in, pinking just the tail and wing edges on the bird and just the tips of the flower petals. Then I can line up the image and stamp directly over the artwork again, adding the color to the original set up. Try it first on some scratch paper to make sure it is the combination you want. For mine, I ended up dabbing the pink on my scratch paper before I restamped it to lighten the ink a little. That is a second technique called "2nd Generation" stamping. I also stamped the large bird in the corner opposite the flower using the same colors and techniques.

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