Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twitterpated Workshop - Layout #1

Some of the gals who got this kit were unable to actually attend my workshop this evening, so I'm posting many of the instructions in the next few posts. This post will give the directions for laying out my #1 double. In subsequent posts, you'll find the directions for my #2 and #3 doubles. Finally, in my last post, you'll find my cutting instructions for all 3 designs. The advertised layout (in the previous post) is part of the workshop kit from CTMH and there are step by step instructions for it (as well as tips and techniques) in the full-color pamphlet. If you don't have your Twitterpated Workshop on the Go kit, visit my website, click on the "Workshops on the Go" link and order yours!

I know I still need some titles on these babies, and I know exactly what I'm going to do with them, but I just haven't gotten to that point yet.

This is layout #1. If you already got your papers all cut, you labeled them #1L for #1 left and #1R for #1 right. I always have my attendees lay out their designs without sticking them down, so they can go back and distress as they see fit. Do that here, as there will be distressing techniques later in the post. Use the two pieces of Sweet Leaf card stock as the bases for these layouts.

For the left layout, the green 8 x 8 print goes in the bottom left corner. The other 1-inch striped strip lies along its top border. The final 4 x 8 acorn paper (with the lines going across the paper short ways) sits about 1 inch below the striped strip and flush with the right edge of the base.

On the right page, the 4 x 8 acorn paper that has the lines running long ways on the paper sits about 2 inches from the right edge and flush with the bottom. The 4 x 8 green print butts against it, about 2 inches from the left edge and flush with the top. Then one of the 1-inch striped strips lies over the acorn paper about 2 inches from the bottom.

Now, before I stuck anything down, I distressed it all thoroughly. On this layout, I used Chocolate ink and a sponge dauber from my distressing kit to add a soft edge to every piece of this layout. I edge it all the way around both bases, too, as you can see in this close up view.

Once I edge all the paper, I went ahead and adhered it together. Then, again using Chocolate, I stamped the little branch image that came with the kit (Don't you LOVE getting a matching stamp set with these workshops!) so that it "sat" on top of the striped strip. I used glue dots to strongly adhere the acorn "buttons" (again part of the Dimensional Elements Organic collection) to the "tree." I used my paper piercing set to make holes and then sew the hemp through the button holes. In retrospect, I probably won't use the glue dots again for this. It made my paper piercing tool and my needle terribly sticky. Anyway, I tied a bow over the largest acorn button and tied knots in the back of the smaller ones, just to give them an accent without being overwhelming.

I have every intention of attaching a journaling tag under this brown button on the right side layout. By the way, I tied a hemp bow around this "button." (It is actually a chipboard accent from the Dimensional Elements Organic collection.) In order to assure that it wouldn't come undone, I put a tiny dot of Liquid glass right where the lines come together to form the knot in the center.

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