Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grace Workshop #3 - Completed!

This double-page layout also comes from Imagine program. This one is called, "In the Groove" and instructions for it are on page 20. I changed the layout a bit by moving the 3 x 3 square on this top layout from the bottom left to the bottom right corner.

Sunflower Edge Anchors (the circles) are used to embellish this page, along with Crystal Blue Waxy Flax. I only sort-of sewed along the top of this picture. It was much easier than actual sewing, though. I just poked holes in the paper using the piercing tool and the Waxy Flax is so stiff, I could "sew" it without a needle! I also used the Waxy Flax to add color to the buttons on this page.

My buttons are from an old set that we no longer carry, but the Basic Button collection is just MADE for this project. They come in some of the same colors, too.

My favorite embellishments on this page are the two-toned, stamped swirlies on either side of the large picture. Because Close to My Heart carries clear, see-through stamps, this technique is simple! I inked up my stamp with Chocolate and with my thumb I wiped a little of the ink off in some areas before I applied the stamp to the paper. Then, using Twilight Ink, I inked up the areas I had wiped off the first time, lined up the stamp right over my initial image, and stamped it again. The colors sort of mold together making it look like part of the picture. I bet you could do a 3-tone image the same way.

Although I'm sure someone has done it before, I came up with it on my own, in keeping with the rustic appearance of this layout. If someone knows the name of this technique, please give me a holler!

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