Thursday, August 28, 2008

Try it Out Thursday

OHHHHH, CTMH just offered a brand new line! I told you we would have a LOT of opportunities to try new things after August 1! Well in THIS case, I'm so excited to use their new RUB-ONS! They have made 2 different designs and each one comes in 3 colors - black, brown, and white - and you get all three sheets in the one package.

Now I've used rub-ons before. I had to work a blister on my thumb when I was decorating my sister's baby shower gift (an album with pictures and letters from members of her family). It took forever to get the letters to come off of the sheet and some of them had trouble sticking on the album.
This was a totally different experience! I was able to get them on the page quick and easy - even the individual letters. Those individual letters, "GOOD," lined up REALLY well, another thing I thought I would have a problem with. And check out how well the words stand out in a varied background. CTMH hit a homerun with this one! All I can say is, "more, more, more!"

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