Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Momentum

Had a great Open House tonight - and have a bit of artwork to show for it! I love the fact that we get Idea books 3 times a year. There is almost always a reason for a party.

This one was rather low-key. Had a LOT of activity getting ready and holding the retreat a couple of weeks ago and I just had trouble gearing up to make new things. I had the ideas, but my follow-through was a little on the rough side. It was also on a Monday because I just don't have anymore weekend times available. Well, I think I've learned that Monday night is probably not the best time. I had more visitors this weekend, who couldn't come tonight, than I did during the actual event, but I'm not complaining!

Sometimes low-key events provide important opportunities. This night was that type of night. I had some folks come that I'm just beginning to get to know. It was great talking with them and learning again why I love having my own business - the relationships I get to make with people I wouldn't have the opportunity to meet otherwise!

So I'm ready to start this season. Even though most of my customers don't know it, yet, I have 3 workshops planned along with my regular Scrappin' Happy workshops. I also added a second date onto all of the workshops so my customers can have choices. I've got a frame workshop, a talking-ornament workshop, and of course the yearly Christmas card workshop. I'm also thinking of doing a decorative clock workshop, but I haven't wrapped my brain around that one yet.

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