Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Momentum

In the fall, moms are superwomen! School starts, sports kick in, and demands from scouts, ballet, church and other areas stretch every minute we have. If you are also in business, the fall is a primary sales time where people are already thinking about the holidays and need your services! Yikes!

I feel your pain! Right now, my business is demanding quite a bit of my time. My personal assistant job also has daily and weekly requirements, but my kids are my priority and school is my own responsibility. Add to that church commitments, volleyball season, football games, and senior activities. Oh, and mix in daily devotions and Bible study, house-cleaning, room painting, garage organizing, and yard work! Then, if there is a spare moment, I can actually find peace and quiet in my bathroom!

Balance is something we all struggle with. This summer, it was so easy to just throw myself into my business and work up project after project for this website, too. It can be fun, but it is unhealthy to be so single-sided. Especially as women, we thrive the best when we have variety.

Women have been multitasking since the dawn of time; we created the action! Have you ever seen a picture of a Native American man in the field or cooking with a papoose on his back??? No, it's the gal! I love how the movies of the 40s and 50s portrayed women and men. Some people think they are degrading to women, but I don't think so. They clearly show that the women is thoroughly capable of taking care of every aspect of life from the broad to the detail. Just because the man sits on the sofa smoking a cigar while she does it doesn't cheapen her image at all! But multitasking isn't a word that women made up! That term was what some man made up in proud success when he learned he could talk on the phone and type on the computer at the same time! For pity's sake, we do that while we're cooking dinner, as we clean out the fridge, and all with a toddler at our ankles and a baby on our hip! - - another good reason to have good balance! :)

It's also important that we take out some time for ourselves. Carve out a little even if it is just a 20-minute bath or arriving extra early for a school pick up and reading a new novel. (Find some shade and kick on the AC!) For me, it's Perry Mason. I know I've seen every one of them 1000 times, but they're simple, light, and don't require my attention. I set aside 1 hour every day for me to eat lunch while I watch Perry Mason. I don't always get to, and sometimes I miss who the murderer is, but with the time set aside - appointed - I can usually get SOME time to just veg.

So my encouragement for this week is to work on your balance. And with that note, I can tell you that I may not be posting quite as often for the next couple of weeks while I work on my own balance. I would be delighted to post some of your artwork or techniques if you are willing to share! Oh I would LOVE THAT! I hope to post at least a couple each week, but priorities being what they are, we'll just have to see!

Blessings on you! :-)

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  1. Great article! You are creative!!