Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sports Layout

Molly Strikes again, and this time with the retired "Rowdy" set. This was one of my favorite sets. I'm not sure if it was the color scheme that I liked so much or the crazy design of some of the papers, but it certainly lended itself to the sports genre!

The way these pages are laid out, they could be Level 1 kits! Check out the edges on the grassy paper in the first picture. Molly has a "paper tearing" tool! I have a new toy to find! It is a metal stick, like a ruler, only with deckled edges on either side. I'm not sure how it worked, even though I saw her doing it, but it sure looked easy! Also in that picture, she added some natural hemp. It is an easy, inexpensive embellishment for boys pages, tomboy pages, or country pages.

While Molly did use some of the stickease to garnish the pages, she also used other accents like these edge anchors on a vellum title piece. The letters might be rubons, but printing on vellum from a computer is also pretty and easy!

Just a side note: Notice how she dates each page. I'm always forgetting to do that and getting my pages mixed up! So simple!

The "DUDE" in the second close-up is part of the stickease for this kit, as is the tan and blue frame under it. The word is raised on 3D foam tape. I'm not sure how Molly did it, but I've done it before and actually stuck down the stickease onto cardstock and cut it out before I mounted it. I've done it before, mounting the foam directly onto the sticky side of the image, but the sticky side still stuck to the paper, wherever I didn't have foam tape. It's a little more work to cut it out, but that way the adhesive on the stickease isn't exposed. Seems like someone told me they put baby powder on the backs of stickers if they didn't want them to be sticky. I've never tried it. Not sure it would work, though. Has anyone tried anything else?

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