Friday, August 20, 2010


Molly shared her layouts from a recent family vacation. They are gorgeous pics and some of her details really set the tone of the pages and perfected the theme.

On her first page, I was particularly interested in the way she used hemp to highlight some of the stickease in the center. The basic goal of a layout is to draw the eye in and this page certainly does that especially with the central artwork.

Her second page easily flows from the first one. On this page I especially like the way she off-set her photos on the lower left mat. And I LOVE the weaving artwork to set off her journaling. This is a really easy technique that makes a statement, especially for themes like this beach one or rustic rural/country ones. She used 3 12 x 1 inch strips for the vertical slats and 4 other 1-inch strips of various lengths (less than 5 inches) for the horizontal slats. It's easiest to create the weave on the paper instead of trying to make it then putting it on the paper. If it had been me making this up, I would've started by placing just a little adhesive on the vertical slats, right in the middle of them to just barely hold them in place. At that point, I would weave two slats above the adhesive, where the vertical slats are adhered to the base page, and two slats below it. Then I would stick it all down thoroughly.

Molly completed the look by attaching more hemp to the stickease and raising it on 3D foam tape. Oh, by the way, this set is called Moon Doggie and it is retiring so there is precious little of it left! If you want it, please order it from the shopping link at my website; marji.myctmh.com. You'll find it at the "My Reflections 12 x 12" link.

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